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  • Employment

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    Douglas Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting, LLC is Hiring an Independent Clinician! Please submit a resume or CV and informal/brief cover letter to [email protected] using the Subject titled APPLICATION
    Office Offers:
    ★ Referrals
    ★ Remote work
    ★ Use of company mailbox
    ★ Advertising on your behalf
    ★ Business and case consultation
    ★ Freedom and flexibility – you choose your schedule
    ★ Website, phone, payment, telehealth platform, and scheduling services

     ★ Assistance with quick easy credentialing through at least one insurance company if desired & licensed
    ★ Communication and documentation templates
    ★ Competitive pay/split consistent with experience 

    Company requires:
    ★ Background check
    ★ Availability to take on new clients
    ★ Great communication and rapport building skills
    ★ Master’s degree in counseling or associated field
    ★ Associate or Fully licensed in Georgia 

    ★ Access to internet and consistent privacy OR an office space ★ Strong ability to document, diagnose, treatment plan, and offer
    ★ Knowledgeable in treatment of common diagnoses
    ★ Interest in trauma work/depth