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  • About Ms. I'Asiah Levi

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    My Story

    Hi my name is I’Asiah Levi and I am a mental health therapist, social worker and advocate. I’ve been working with families, children and youth for over ten years! I specialize in anxiety, self- esteem, depression and trauma. My goal is to help you get to the root of uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and behaviors. As an advocate for mental health, and throughout my experiences working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ages, I’ve learned the importance of active and empathic listening. Often we want our voices to be heard, and our feelings to be validated and that  isn’t too much to ask for.

    My Mission

    I’m both passionate and interested in helping my clients to learn more about themselves. Furthermore, I believe it is important for me to help my clients understand that overall healing and therapeutic growth starts with self. I utilize a CBT approach to help my clients learn about their attachment styles, and personality types. This not only provides my client with an understanding of how much of a vital role this plays in many aspects of their lives, but it also brings awareness to their own sense of identity.  In addition to this I utilize Motivational Interviewing to increase my client’s confidence and awareness of their skills, strengths and abilities. CBT and MI are my primary approaches to treatment, however, I also have experience in utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  and Solution Based Therapy as treatment modalities.

    Let’s Get Started

    Are you struggling with negative and intrusive thoughts? Do you feel like these feelings are overwhelming and you’re struggling to reduce the frequency of these thoughts? Is this causing a disruption in your everyday routine, relationships and work environment? I want you to know that you are not alone. A large percentage of the world’s population struggles with symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. I am here to help you identify healthy patterns of thinking and reconstructing thoughts and behaviors to reduce your symptomatology.  Journey with me, to help you create a healthier approach to everyday mental health conflicts.